Phil D subbing the sub!

Phil D

Freedom, Mizery, Response, Lock, Night Shank – Strange Matter, June 23 @ 5pm


Beta Boys, The Deacons, N.E.G., Media Limits, Nosebleed, Memory Loss – Unicorn Gardens, June 23 @ 7pm


Philip Gibbs – Crossroads, June 23 @ 8pm

Hot Reader, 3 Legged Dog, Moonlight Beach Club, The Dirty Chakras – Strange Matter, June 23 @ 9pm

Dysentery, Parasitic Ejaculation, Short Bus Pile Up, Human Infection, Vomit Stain – 25 Watt, June 23 @ 8pm


The Vegabonds, Shower Naked, Lo-Pro – The Camel, June 23 @ 8:30pm


Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, YFN Lucci – The National, June 23 @ 8pm


Bang!, Place of Skulls, Night Magic, Stone Woman – Strange Matter, June 24 @ 8pm


Fear of Music, The Slank – The Broadberry, June 24 @ 8pm


TICKETS Worriers, Mikey Erg, Bad Magic – Gallery 5, June 24 @ 8pm


Boneanchor, Frog Legs, Manatree – The Broadberry, June 25 @ 8pm


TICKETS Bandrew, A Woman is a Woman, Imaginary Sons – The Camel, June 25 @ 9pm


Pvris, Joywave – The National, June 25 @ 8pm


Sports Bar, White Laces, The Ar-Kaics, Impcon, Gull – Ardent, June 25 @ 1pm


Hard Charger, Relief, Cremains – Hell’s Door, June 25 @ 6pm


Atta Girl, Marge, Littler, Sports Bra – Kung Fu Dungeon, June 25 @ 7pm


Nails, Full of Hell, God’s Hate, Eternal Sleep, Barge – Strange Matter, June 25 @ 8pm

Green Beret, Aggression Pact, Firing Squad, Fried Egg – 25 Watt, June 25 @ 9pm


Awakened From Dormancy, Vomit Stain, The Medusa, Spiral Fracture, Behelmod – Canal Club, June 25 @ 6:30pm


Lucas Brode, The New Loft, (Femme) RAIC, Taciturnal – Sediment Arts, June 26 @ 8pm


Broncho, Winter, Big No – Strange Matter, June 26 @ 9pm


Year of the Cobra, Druglord, Slaghead, Mangalitsa – 25 Watt, June 26 @ 8pm


Treehouse!, Of Good Nature, Nesta – The Camel, June 26 @ 9pm


Shm, Hallelujah, The Skin – Gallery 5, June 26 @ 7pm


Dark Thoughts, RHDP, Memory Loss, Komodo – Lovejail, June 27 @ 7pm


Death Bells, Western Medication, Cavum, R-Complex – Strange Matter, June 27 @ 8pm


Tomato Dodgers, Imaginary Sons, Venus Guytrap – Capital Ale, June 27 @ 7pm


Jeremy White & The Blue Hearts, Keilan Creech, Dakota Turner – The Camel, June 27 @ 8:30pm


Aesop Rock – The National, June 27 @ 8pm


Echo Courts, Camp Howard, Big Baby – Gallery 5, June 28 @ 7pm


Turnover, Sports, Secret Space – Strange Matter, June 28 @ 7pm


Hivelords, Unsacred, Embra, Voarm – Strange Matter, June 29 @ 9pm


The Toasters, Murphy’s Kids – Banditos, June 29 @ 9pm


Modern Baseball, Joyce Manor, Thin Lips – The Broadberry, June 29 @ 7pm


TICKETS Pinegrove, Ratboys, Half Waif – Gallery 5, June 30 @ 7pm


Tex Railers Doomtown, Adam the First Realman, The Televisionaries, The Wet Boy – Wonderland, June 30 @ 9pm


Shootdang, Well Okay, Yankee Roses, Living Rheum – Church of Abe, June 30 @ 7pm


The Hoodoos, The Head, Black Naked Wings – Strange Matter, June 30 @ 5pm


Soft Kill, Underpass, Shadow Age, Get in the Car – Strange Matter, June 30 @ 9pm

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Lucy Dacus troublemaker doppleganger no burden
Night Shank cult rules ep
Mizery Fire
Beta Boys Puzzled Panther
Philip Gibbs Sam Houston Blues
avers white horses empty light
The Vegabonds Shaky Hands
Dysentery Led to Terminal Ignorance
clair morgan bryn mawr new lions & the not good night
Boneanchor Time & Space
Manatree Fat Jackson
Talking Heads FOR FEAR OF MUSIC The Great Curve
Archaics no no no
Gull baby momma bedouin lover
White Laces Strangulation Blues Trance
Worriers They/Them
Imaginary Sons Sloburd
Green Beret Truth Denial
Joywave Somebody NEw
Atta Girl Jamie Lee Curtis
Lucas Brode Spiritual
Big No Mary Goree Uhm Nah
Druglord cleansed ep
Venus Guytrap 34 live on wrir
Camp Howard veins camp howard
Murphy's Kids Dusty Trail the anthemicpandemic
Pinegrove Old Friends Cardinal
Soft Kill Grand view
Get in the Car Tamam Shud EP
Tex Railers Doomtown Cowboy Killer

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