River City Limits

River City Limits 08-20-16


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
No BS! Brass Band Everything Turns Grey No BS! 2010
T-Division PBRVA A Problem for Your Solution 2010
Wardance Orange Richmond Belongs to Me
Imaginary Sons Smalltalk Headlock Don't Impress Me Bossy Lil Thing 2016
Imaginary Sons Rickshaw Don't Impress Me Bossy Lil Thing 2016
The Grave Hookers Dream Catchers Eye THE JUNK E​.​P.
Tungs Follow the Jerk You Could Call This Art Bad Grrrl Records 2015
The Nervous Ticks Skynet Skynet
Bitchmouth Unicorn Manor Cassette Demo 2014
Hex Machine Shameless Premonition Fixator Learning Curve 2011
Petrichor Useless Petrichor 2016
Teen Death Nervous Crawling 2014
Avail Cross Tie Over The James Lookout! 1998
Lightfields Atomic Junior DelGato 2014
Toxic Moxie Take Yourself VHS Box Set 2015
Those Manic Seas Love is Treason EP 2011
California Death Wake California Death 2015
Sports Bar The Void The Tommy 2014
Dorthia Cottrell Gold Dorthia Cottrell Forcefield 2015
My Darling Fury The End of the World Licking Wounds 2013
Doll Baby The Great Divide Polliwog EP 2016
Snack Truck 03 Live at WRIR
Hank & Cupcakes (not local!) Ice Machine Cheap Thrill 2016
Get in the Car Gibbetting Get in the Car 2016
BAT BAT Wings of Chains 2016
Humungus Drinkin a Beer

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