River City Limits

River City Limits a Heavy NYE


Thats RIGHT its me DJ Heavy Styles crankin out the finest local tunes of 2016

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Shagwuf Run of bad luck Salvaje!
Shagwuf Fight Like a Girl Salvaje!
Sammi Lanzetta Untitled
Sammi Lanzetta Anxiety Circus
Toxic Moxie Good Time
Toxic Moxie Binary Code
Pete Curry Dark in the night Night Logic
Pete Curry Little Ideas
Imaginary sons Small Talk Headlock
Imaginary Sons ft. Sera from toxic Moxie Sloburd Dont Impress Me
Big Mama Shakes Hen house
Big Mama Shakes Heavy Heart
Mad Extras Somewhere to stay
Mad Extras Nevermind the Nevermind
Camp Howard Dog
Camp Howard llorando y Fllorando
Congress Poison and The Antidote
Congress New Amsterdam
The Folly Suitcase
The Folly Hold you down
Kenneka Cook The Practice
Kenneka Cook Resolutions
Lucy in Battle Armor Robot Legs
Lucy in Battle Armor Chicken Lady
Josie McQueen Maybe im Wrong
Josie McQueen Say What You Will
Leach Benny in the Hille
Leach Rock 1
Headless Mantiss
Recluse Raccoon
Lightfields Feelings
Claire Morgan how to set your bed on fire
Kings Enough Island

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