River City Limits

River City Limits w/ BUZZARD DUST live in the studio


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
T-Division PBRVA A Problem for Your Solution
Strike Anywhere Prisoner Echoes Dead FM Fat Wreck Chords 2006
Memory Loss Nothin But Trouble BLACKOUT EP Vinyl Conflict 2016
Ringer The Voice DEMO 2016 2016
Iron Reagan Bleed the Fifth single off upcoming album Crossover Ministry 2017
Battlemaster Cursed Boots of Perpetual Dancing Battlehungry and Swordsworn 2015
Suneater Coleman Mirage II Bossy Lil Thing 2017
Paint Store Kepler 452-B Kepler 452​-​B 2016
Deer Eat Birds Goose Hi Rez EP
Navi Flanajam Illuminavi II 2015
Hex Machine Haunted Fixator 2013
Hallelujah! Bubbles
Imaginary Sons Smalltalk Headlock Don't Impress Me Bossy Lil Thing 2016
Imaginary Sons Rickshaw Don't Impress Me Bossy Lil Thing 2016
Headless Mantis Bumping Guts 4 Breakfast Live at WRIR 01-29-16
Venus Guytrap Human Spine Library Live at WRIR 01-16-16
Ashes Woosher MyBadYerGood 2016
Toxic Moxie You Logic VHS Box Set 2015
VCR scaredofvcr.com
The Gaskets Earthquake Loose Change 2006
Pete Curry Voicemail from a Bill Collector Live at WRIR 10-29-2016
Bearstorm Cryptobiotic Filth-Destroyer Biophobia Grimore 2017
Snack Truck 4 Live at WRIR 11-21-2015

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