River City Limits

river city limits: we will reinvent the space


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Night Idea Wild Breathing Cold 2016
My Darling Fury Satisfied Aches EP 2016
Way, Shape or Form Second Wind Elseware 2016
Dazeases Medusa C R U M B S 2016
Pete Curry Too Far Night Logic 2016
Drones Show Me Your Home 2016
Doll Baby The Great Divide Polliwog EP 2016
Clair Morgan How to Set Your Bed on Fire New Lions and the Not So Good Night 2016
Positive No Reinvent the Space single 2016
GHOSTS nervous i don't know what i'm doing 2016
The Wimps Quick Snap The Wimps 2016
Young Scum If You Say That Zona 2016
Grass Panther Over the Underground Vignette 2016
Dumb Waiter Black Mayonnaise Cancel Christmas 2016
Imaginary Sons Don't Empress Me Don't Impress Me Bossy Lil' Thing 2016
Venus Guytrap Donna, Where Are The Chickens? LIVE on WRIR (song off the Jell-O Shot Demos) 2016
Lightfields Jerks Feelings 2016
Atta Girl Jamie Lee Curtis Fuck the Sun 2016
Petrichor Tragic Petrichor 2016
Unmaker Cryosleeper demo 2016
Memory Loss Jailed Blackout EP 2016
Venomspitter We Are Only As Free As Our Most Oppressed Venomspitter​/​DSGNS split 2016
Inter Arma Violent Constellations Paradise Gallows Relapse 2016
BAT BAT Wings of Chains 2016
Iron Reagan A Dying World single off upcoming album Crossover Ministry 2016
Landis Wine & Kenneka Cook Resolutions '16 (cover of Hot Lava's Resolutions '08) off the upcoming album Mash Notes Vol 1: Richmond Covers Richmond 2016
Get in the Car Gibbeting (Corriveau version) single 2016

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