Saturday Sunrise


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Felipe Rose Lakota Sioux Prayer Red Hawk Woman Tomahawk 2004
Falling Water Singers Grand Entry The Reason We're Here
Nellie Youpee Woman's work song The Makoche Masters
Arvel Bird Keya (turtle) Animal Totems
Steve Wyse Turtle song (root chakra) Sound Healing self 2008
Alex Smith, Cheevers Toppah, Southern man Harmony Nights
Tha Tribe Wild rice people Blue Scout
David White Wolf Trezak Meadow lark Medicine
David & Steve Gordon Prayer for the four directions Sacred Earth Drums
Stoney Creek Red sons Sacrafice
Felipe Rose Red hawk woman Red Hawk Woman Tomahawk 2004
Joseph Fire Crow Cheyenne nation
Kelvin Mockingbird The flames within Meditation
Arvel Bird Puma (cougar) Animal Totems
Primeaux & Mike, David Carson Let us dance: Song of the elders Sacred Ground: A Tribute
Tha Tribe The pacifier Blue Scout
Douglas Spotted Eagle Dance Voices
Charles Button & Friends The gifts White Buffalo-Bigger Than Real Sacred Mountain Records 2011
Parick Landeza Lei Nani Nahe olu Addison Street Records 2015
Johnny Whitehorse Hand tremblers Riders of the Healing Road Silver Wave Records 2009
Red Blanket Singers Women traditional New Traditions-Southern Pow-Wow Music self
St. Labre Indian School Drum Group Women's fancy dance The Drum of St. Labre self
Alice Gomez Sierra Madre Flute Dreams
Annie Humphrey I can hear you The Heron Smiled
Joseph Fire Crow Round Dance Song
Dave White Wolf Trezak Elders words Medicine
Falling Water Singers Grass dance The Reason We're Here
Robert Mirabal Can you hear the call Sacred Ground: A Tribute
Tha Tribe Tribes single
Cornbred Pack fair and square Corn Bread
Stony Creek Pipe carrier Sacrafice
Annie Humphrey Call me The Heron Smiled
David & Steve Gordon Guardian spirit Sacred Earth Drums
Keith Bear Walking on the water The Makoche Masters

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