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I’m thrilled to be filling in for DJ Galaxy Girl. ¬†she’s the best, so suffer along with me. call me at the station and tell me about the horror of your love life.




Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
the clash Rudy can't fail
johnny quest fatty and skinny
7 seconds 99 red balloons
the stooges i want to be your dog
al green lets stay together
the jam all around the world
depeche mode in your room
dead boys sonic reducer
talking heads psycho killer
squirrell bait hammering so hard
urge overkill girl you'll be a woman soon
bad religion along the way
the jim carroll band people who died
descendents good good things
breeders cannonball
madness one step beyond
agent orange bite the hand that feeds part 2
fugazi waiting room
minutemen this aint no picnic
germs manimal
the specials sock it to em, JB
dag nasty values here
jackson 5 baby i want you back
the clash know your rights
bad religion 21st century digital boy
johnny quest the heisman
black flag my war
the ramones i wanna be sedated
Dr Dre the next episode
japandroids the boys are leaving town
dead milkmen punk rock girl
the runaways cherry bomb
veruca salt seether

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