The Church of the Ecstatic

The Church of the Ecstatic 29 – Flying High

Sister Euphonia

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Flying Hiiiiggh Hiiiiigh, I’m a bird in the skyyy (I’m an Eagle) I’m an eagle that riiiiiides on the breeeeeeze…
Hiiiiiiiigh, huh-high, what a feeling to fly (What a feeling) Over mountains and fooooorrrrests and seeeeeeeeeeeaaas….
And to go anywherrrre that I pleeeease….

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Deep Purple Space Truckin'
ABBA Eagle
Kasabian Secret Alphabets
Secret Chiefs 3 Renunciation
Tomorrow Never Knows The Beatles
Lucid Dreams Franz Ferdinand
Vegan Black Metal Chef Episode 11- Sesame Tofu From The Abyss
Cannabis Corpse Every Bud Smoken
Belzebong Undertoker Greenferno
Partyman Of the Cosmos
Tomahawk Mescal Rite 1 Anonymous
1000 Homo DJ's Supernaut
Disparition Iron Circle Granicha Self-released 2014
Steel Panther I Like Drugs Balls Out
Butthole Surfers Pepper
Queens of the Stone Age, Mark Lanegan Auto-pilot (Live 2002 at Ancienne Belgique) Songs for the Deaf - Tour Edition Interscope Records 2003
Faith No More Woodpecker from Mars The Real Thing
Men's Recovery Project Smokin' that Magic Rock Frank Talk About Humans
Lana Del Rey Born to Die Born to Die
alt-J Something Good
Tomahawk Mescal Rite 2 Anonymous
Coconut Fever Ray Fever Ray
Ween How High Can You Fly? Shinola (Vol 1)

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