The Church of the Ecstatic

The Church of the Ecstatic 9/8/16 – Ev’rybody wants to be a cat!

Sister Euphonia


(Skimbleshanks the Naughty Kitten is a Sankyo Jabber Ball toy. :P)

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Songify This - CAN'T HUG EVERY CAT (now on iTunes) -- a song about loving cats
Cat Face Theme Song
Cat Massage Lady Song
Best Kittycat Song [OFFICIAL] feat. GRUMPY CAT
Boots and Cats
I'm a Stupid Cat!
Nyan Cat
Sturgill and Steve Ten Commandments Of Cat
Ev'rybody wants to be a cat Songs from the Aristocats
Stray Cats Stray Cat Strut
Elton John Honky Cat
The Lovin' Spoonful Nashville Cats
Johnny Cash Mean-Eyed Cat
Nyan Waits
Primus Tommy the Cat
The Rolling Stones Look What the Cat Dragged In
Poison Look What the Cat Dragged In
Ted Nugent Cat Scratch Fever
Jimmy Smith The Cat
Tom Jones What's New Pussycat?
Peggy Lee The Siamese Cat Song/What's Going on Down There
Pink Floyd Lucifer Sam The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
Neko Atsume BGM
The Kinks Phenomenal Cat
Al Stewart Year of the Cat
Petula Clark The Cat in the Window (The Bird in the Sky)
Neko Atsume - Winter Version
The Cure The Lovecats
David Bowie Cat People (Putting out Fire)
Slant 6 Rebel Rebel, Bat Cat
Adam Ant Puss 'n Boots
DEVO Pink Pussycat Duty Now for the Future
Dj CUTMAN Neko Trapsume - Neko Atsume Remix!
The Lion Sleeps Tonight The Lion King
Thundercats Theme Song
Eye of the Tiger Persepolis OST
Wu-Tang Clan Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing Ta F' Wit (Radio Edit)
Run the Jewels Oh My Darling (Don't Meow) Just Blaze Remix
NONONONO Cat (Hip-Hop Remix with lyrics!
cEvin key Wind on Small Paws
Blonde Redhead Cat on Tin Roof
Kelley Deal 6000 When He Calls me Kitten
The Weakerthans Plea from a Cat Named Virtue

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