J. Sturgill

I have no idea. But there will be booze in my radio. That I guarantee you.

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Swans Alcohol the Seed The Great Annihalator
Swans People Like Us The Glowing Man Young God/Mute 2016
Swans A Piece of the Sky The Seer
Lydia Lunch & Mark Hurtado Poltergush My Lover the Killer
Archers of Loaf Chumming the Ocean All the Nations Airports
Sonic Youth Cotton Crown Sister
Devil Doll Liquor Store Queen of Pain
The Go-Go's Daisy Chain God Bless the Go-Go's
The Fiery Furnaces Bright Blue Tie Gallowsbird's Park
Soft Machine Why Are We Sleeping? The Soft Machine
Kleenex Die Matrosen Liliput
Airbourne Fat City Runnin' Wild
Cowboy Junkies Powderfinger The Caution Horse
Band of Horses Evening Kitchen Infinite Arms
The 6ths San Diego Zoo Wasps' Nests
The 13th Floor Elevators Dust Easter Everywhere
The Saints Nights In Venice (I'm) Stranded
Dead Kennedys We've Got A Bigger Problem Now Plastic Surgery Disasters/In God We Trust, Inc.
The Loud Family Don't Respond, She Can Tell Interbabe Concern
Superchunk Like A Fool Foolish
James Joyce Finnegan's Wake (from page 8, line 9)

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