wingin’ it again


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Kero Kero Bonito Cat Vs. Dog- English Version Intro Bonito Double Denim Records 2014
Ultra Flake Panty Theif LOUDMOUTH DEMO 2016
Vanilla Poppers Pleasure Rush Demo Cassette 2015
Memory Loss Buncha Babies DEMO 2016 2016
Animal Mother Ego Death Seven Minutes in Heaven with... 2014
Venus Guytrap F*** Banditos Jell-O Shot Demos 2016
Hardly Boys Hot Mullett Tit Punch 2016
Liz Panella Haste Split Cassette with Mark Plant 2016
Anika Pyle Rosie Mikey Erg/Anika Pyle Split 2016
Petrichor Useless s/t 2016
Occultist Suppressed Populations Hell By Our Hands 2013
Asylum Shitshow Vinyl Conflict Presents... 2015
Windhand Tanngrisnir Grief's Infernal Flower 2015
Electric Wizard SadioWitch Time To Die 2014
The Smudjas We're Restless February EP 2016 // other songs are femm-fronted...oops.
Lisa Miles Cool of the Dark Against the Barrage Cool of the Dark Against the Barrage 2016
Nay Raygun what the fuck a werewolf got to lie4? CocoBrown 2016
Noname Reality Check Feat. Eryn Allen Kane & Akenya Telefone 2016
Jean Grae Special ft. Tanya Morgan iSweatergawd 2016
Pearl Scott Daily Grind Winter's Out 2016
Roane Namuh & Reva DeVito C(h)ampagne Cloudshine 2016
VASSY Nothing to Lose Nothing to Lose 2016
Hannah Jane Lewis Hide and Go Seek Hide and Go Seek 2016
Mannatee Commune, Moorea Masa The Garden Song The Garden Song 2016
Trace Low Low 2016
Nitty Scott, MC All the Flowers All the Flowers 2016
Dej Loaf Miami Miami 2016
Zoology Escape Escape 2016
RYE Wildlife Wildlife 2016
Cosima Had To Feel Something Had To Feel Something 2016

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