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Exploration with Michio Kaku is an hour long radio program on science, technology, politics, and the environment. It is broadcast each week on WBAI New York City (99.5 FM), and re-aired on stations across the country via the Ku National Radio Satellite. Exploration can also be heard worldwide as a live streaming simulcast by various national terrestrial radio stations and online archive curated by KPFA Berkeley (94.1 FM) and Pacifica Foundation Radio.


Topics covered include black holes, time travel, higher dimensions, string theory, wormholes, search for extra-terrestial life, dark matter and dark energy, the future of space travel, genetic engineering, the aging process, the future of medicine, the human body shop, artificial intelligence, the future of computers and robots, as well as topics from science fiction.


This Is Science with Jess Phoenix is the official podcast of the Union of Concerned Scientists. Jess brings her experience as a volcanologist and science communicator to the mic through science storytelling and conversations with dynamic scientific explorers, change-makers, and innovators. Ignorance is the disease, and curiosity is the cure!


  • Monday - 10:00 am - 11:00 am

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  • Jesse says:

    I love science etc. Dr. KaKu subjects are right down my line. The universe, demensions, extra terrestrials, all of the theories, also politics. All of his topics are outstanding. I love it all. My extra time and then some, goes there. I salute Dr. KaKu.

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