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Nuestra Musica, hosted and produced by Mariano Vera. Tuesdays 1:00-3:00pm

With Nuestra Musica, Our Music, we present the rhythms and folklore of Latin America, Spain and Portugal. From Tango to Flamenco and all things Latin in between. The show explores the native instruments, languages and traditions played in 22 countries and one territory. Other than Spanish and Portuguese, Nuestra Msica presents songs in the following languages: Quechua, Mapuche, Guarani, Nahuatl, Gallego, Spanish Basque, and Catalan. Hosted by long time Sarasota resident Mariano Vera: formerly art and literature critic in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Washington D.C.

Among many styles we present: Tango, Chacarera, Baguala, Zamba with a Z and Samba with and S, Bossa Nova, Cumbia, Llanero, Vallenato, Merengue, Parrandera, Son, Bolero, Ranchera, Corrido, Marimba, Fado, Flamenco, Sevillanas, Jota, Blues, Jazz, Danzon, and Mambo.


  • Tuesday - 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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  • Brien says:

    Great show this afternoon on Nuestra Nusica, can you tell me the name of the first track you played? I was in the car and couldn’t make a note of it. Thanks!

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