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Rising Up With Sonali, hosted by Sonali Kolhatkar: Monday-Friday at 5:00 AM

Rising Up with Sonali is an all-women run radio and television show that brings progressive news coverage rooted in gender and racial justice to a wide audience. The radio program airs on Pacifica stations KPFA and KPFK, and several affiliate stations. The television show will soon begin airing on Free Speech TV (Dish Network, DirecTV, Roku).

Broadcasting from Los Angeles, California, Rising Up with Sonali is made possible by Pacifica station KPFK and the radio version is available to Pacifica affiliate stations via Audioport.

Sonali Kolhatkar is the host and creator of Rising Up with Sonali, a new program built on the foundation of her earlier show, Uprising, which became the longest running drive-time radio show on KPFK in Los Angeles hosted by a woman. Uprising also aired on KPFA in Berkeley and on Free Speech TV.

She has won numerous awards including Best TV Anchor from the LA Press Club, and also been nominated as Best Radio Anchor 4 years in a row. She is a weekly columnist for Truthdig.com, and an op-ed writer for teleSUR English. She is the author of Bleeding Afghanistan: Washington, Warlords, and the Propaganda of Silence, and the co-Director of the non-profit group, Afghan Women’s Mission.

She has a Masters in Astronomy from the University of Hawaii, and two undergraduate degrees in Physics and Astronomy from the University of Texas at Austin. Watch her 2014 Tedx talk, My journey from astrophysicist to radio host. Originally from India and born and raised in the United Arab Emirates, she is also an artist and chef and lives with her husband and two children in Pasadena, California. Visit her personal website, www.sonalikolhatkar.com.


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  • GalaxyGirl says:

    Ernest, I think I found the episode you’re looking for! The author is Katharine Gerbner, and her book is “Christian Slavery: Conversion and Race in the Protestant Atlantic World”. You can find that episode on the KPFA website at: https://kpfa.org/episode/rising-up-with-sonali-february-13-2019/

  • Ernest says:

    Hello WRIR:

    I happened to be listening to the Program entitled “Rising Up With Sonali” this Tuesday morning, and I heard interview some interesting guests. One of her guests was a woman who just wrote a new book discussing the African Slave Trade as it related to Christianity in Barbados. The interview was VERY informative, however, I didn’t get the author’s name or the title of the book that she wrote. Do any of you know of whom I am asking about? I would like to find that book. Thank you very much!

    Me (Ernest)

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