The Heavily Cosmic Rotation/ The Midnight Escape

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We Interrupt this Independent Broadcast to bring you important Breaking news. WRIR has been receiving strange distorted signals from deep space. Its been hard to decypher the strange frequencies, but it sounds like two of our missing late night show hosts known as The Disco Cat and DJ Heavy Styles have been trying to make contact. WAIT I was just handed this message. It seems as if our far out DJs found some sort of and-I-Quote “Funky Wormhole” that lead them to the Grooviest Galaxy Cluster in the Cosmos, and they want to Beam it straight to our Intergalactic Transmitters to share with YOU and the rest of the Universe. Lucky for You, It seems as though their signal will reach our systems every monday night from 11pm-1am where you’ll hear the Deepest, Heaviest, Late night Grooves from our quote “Intergalactic Ambassadors of Grooves” Tune in only here, on WRIR LP 97.3 FM Richmond. Richmond INdependant radio for “The Heavily Cosmic Rotation” From The Disco Cat and DJ Heavy Styles. Hold on to your Eargoggles Groove-mo-nauts.


  • Monday - 11:00 pm - 1:00 am

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