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Welcome to Urban Enthusiasm (UE)! My name is Anderson Hayes and I am the host of UE. To the common person UE may seem like just another radio show playing amazing soul, hip-hop, jazz, blues and R&B music but we are much more than a radio show. We are also a blog and podcast dedicated to informing folks about everything Urban related, discussing current events and there impact on Urban environments, while serving as a hub for dope music. You will hear our opinion on issues that we consider relevant to Urban culture.

So what is Urban Enthusiasm… Other than a great combination of words, it’s a lifestyle. Urban is such a broad term that can be used to describe a metropolitan area, a certain way of life, or, to be honest, Black culture. This term has both negative and positive connotations which is troubling at times. Some adjectives we use to describe Urban are progressive, intelligent, insightful, unique, and relevant. We look at Urban as a positive way of life and get excited about it! We hope you get excited too and join us in the Urban Enthusiasm lifestyle!


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