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Zero Hour, hosted by Tim Bowring: 1st and 3rd Fridays at 11:30am

Zero Hour’s mission is to identify and interview interesting people from various walks of life. We all know interesting people: They are passionate about something and devote themselves completely to it. They know what they want and are brave enough to go after it. They try new things. They don’t hide their quirks. They avoid the bandwagon and are often intent on forging their own paths. They are always learning and they share what they discover. Finally, they don’t worry about what others think of them. Interesting people are true to themselves wherever they are, whomever they’re with, and whatever they’re doing.

Does this remind you of someone you know? Interesting people surround us and this show will use the foregoing criteria to help identify them. You yourself could probably recommend 2 or 3 subjects for this show. These are not shrinking violets; in fact, interesting people have a special magnetism. They tell incredible stories and lead unusual lives that generate fascinating interviews.

In its first incarnation, Zero Hour was a forum for interviews with visual artists, curators, critics, and editors to investigate “the why” of visual arts.  Blackbird, Virginia Commonwealth University’s online journal of literature and the arts, has archived many of the original Zero Hour programs.  You can find then here:


Richmond Stories presented by The Valentine, hosted by Bill Martin and Eric Steigleder; Melissa Vaughn, producer:  2nd and 4th Fridays at 11:30am

Richmond Stories is a show about a city. Presented by the Valentine, the only museum dedicated to sharing Richmond’s challenging history, Richmond Stories uses conversations with change-makers, advocates, leaders and residents to explore the past, present and future of this (very) complicated place we call home.


  • Friday - 11:30 am - 12:00 pm

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