This is your opportunity to become skilled being on air while engineering the station’s many weekday news programs. You must commit to a regular shift. Internship credit available.

SKILLS: Able to multi-task without being easily flustered, good speaking voice, can read well, comfortable working with computers and audio equipment, reliable and dependable.
TRAINING: You will train with an experienced WRIR board operator for a few hours over 2-3 weeks.
TIME: You must be regularly available for a board op shift. You cannot split shifts. You must volunteer during these set times. Some board ops volunteer each week, others are on air every other week, while some just volunteer as a substitute.
CONTACT: Tell us about yourself by filling out our volunteer application.


WRIR produces weekly local news programs. If you have an idea for a news show you would like to produce and host, tell us about it.
CONTACT: [email protected]¬†and put in the subject heading “Interested in being a talk show host”


If you are a student and need community service hours, you can volunteer with WRIR’s Community Calendar. You will be teamed up with other students (or form your own team w/ your friends) to record a weekly segment for the station. The Community Calendar promotes community events and fund raisers. Impress your friends by being on the radio.

SKILLS: Basic computer skills, quick learner, comfortable taking on a project and completing it by the deadline, easily work with other students, able to take information and write it as a concise script.
TRAINING: Mentoring program with other community calendar teams.
TIME: The teams rotate production of the weekly calendar usually every month or two; must commit to a day of training.
CONTACT: [email protected]