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Kisses With Foreign Fishes — Mappy Chranukwanz


And a festivus for the restuvus! Christmas is officially over (Happy Boxing Day!), but it’s the first day of Kwanzaa, the third Day of Chanukkah, and New years is coming up, so there is plen-ty still to celebrate. I’ve got merengue and cumbia for a Navidad bailable, a couple of African Christmas songs, plus some favorites from South Africa, some electronica, and I’ll be staring out with a band from a little town called Bethlehem or Bayt Lahm or Bet Lehem and a whole set from the region of Palsrael Israestein. Give it a listen before you call to yell at me (but definitely still call, it’s late and I love phone calls even when they’re arguments). Anyhoo, Joy to the world! Peace! and a ton of love to you all through the holidays and all the rest of the time too!

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Apo and the Apostles (Palestine) Fil Zaman Back to Sababa Chimichanga Records 2015
Hadag Nahash (Israel) Ani Ma'amin Ani Ma'amin Eighth Note 2010
Kl El Nas (Palestine) Toot Ard Nuri Andaburi Island Def Jam 2014 "Their “Laisser Passer” documents say they are “Undefined” but they are sure they are 73% water and that music will lead them."
Balkan Beat Box (Israel) Balkumbia Blue Eyed Black Boy
Rita (Israel/Iran) Shah Doomad My Joys NMC Music 2012
Yemen Blues (Israel/Yemen) Beautality Hum "Beauty of the flowing moments with the melody comes with your smile and filling me with a warm breath in to my chest. I can see you moving slowly in side you space splashing everywhere like a peaceful feeling when you open to me with your beautality. eh eh ehhhhhhh eh ehhhhh eh eh ehhhhh lelelye When i see the grace spreading inside your eyes, its magic that comes out of my mouth to tell you how your every movement feels to me Let your glory come with all your fantasy i can almost see it here touching your space let you taste the pleasure of destiny. eh eh ehhhh eh ehhhh eh ehhhh leleleye Come and see what is that makes me want to be here in to this world being like a crazy for love sharing with you the moments of joy, We can reach together higher thing that ever before taking the chance get you close and making the change! "
Bruno Cruiz, Mahmoud Jrere, Walaa Sbeit, Terez Sliman, Toot Ard (Palestine) Green Revolution Single 2012 " Green Tunisia! Dedication From Palestinian Artists To The Tunisian People! Translation: Chorus (Maisa Daw):. oh green Tunisia water in the middle of a dessert oh free Tunisia your people, heart pumping revolt Walaa Sbait:: fight fight, on your feet up stand defend your rights, they're between your hands we Blade Ah'la Blad (double-translation): Jamaican English: my blood most precious blood [Clut] Palestinian Arabic: my land, most beautiful land Chorus (Terez Sliman) oh green Tunisia water in the middle of a dessert oh free Tunisia your people, heart pumping revolt Mahmoud Jrere (DAM) indeed Tunisian, you gave us the hope instead of depression and boredom dam from politicians indeed Tunisians, you made us happy this year ""we're free"" say up loud oh my brother.. out loud out loud, let it reach most far out loud, a flower blossoming out the sky Tunis gave description of how its doneto out through evil and wear beauty, most fine Mahmoud Darwish: how can we be cured from loving Tunisia?!?! Adi Krayem: You ask me where does the revolution start? Between the people. There is no place for ""Zen Al Aabdeen"" in the Green Revolution. I wish that this will start the trigger. Deliver the message to those behind you, next in line is your neighbor (Mubarak) Enough is enough, people are in Hysteria. You have been kicked out just like the body treats bacteria. So for concultion: mistakes are made only once, Give the torch back to the people, the torch to the people. Chorus (Maysaa Sbait, Terez Sliman): oh green Tunisia water in the middle of a dessert oh free Tunisia your people, heart pumping revolt Ayed Fadel: lets liberate ourselves lets rebel with no sideways, move things we will Toot Ard: a green tree midst the valley sending peace from the Golan heights Mahmoud Darwish: we love you Tunisia more than we thought we knew we will meet tomorrow on you sister-land Palestine"
Matias Damasio (Angola) Kwanza Burro Por Amor Arca Velha Entretenimento, Lda. 2016 Not actually about the holiday kwanzaa, nor is it a remake of dominique the christmas donkey. Possibly the title should be tranlated "first Donkey" but really I have no idea about this one..
Sabastian Magacha (Zimbabwe) Tinoriparidza Chete Tinaye Faithful God
Carol Nkirote, (Kenya) Sherekea Christmas
Brenda Fassie (South Africa) Mpundulu Nomakanji ccp 1999
Zaida Chongo aka Zabelana (Mozambique) Alfândega Alfândega VIDISCO MZ
Ntombi Marhumbini (South Africa) South Africa
Los Hermanos Rosario (Dominican Republic) En Estas Navidades Los Mundialmente Sabrosos Sony 1993
La Billos Caracas Boys (Venezuela, Dominican Republic) Cantares de Navidad Fin de Ano
Tania de Venezuela (Venezuela/Columbia?) Parranda de Navidad Amores 1973
Johnny Ventura (Dominican Republic) La Ley Seca El Oro del Caballo Negro Combo Records 2001
July Mateo (Dominican Republic) Viejo Año Rasputin
Tony Camargo (Mexico) Yo No Olvido al Año Viejo Las Número 1 De La Música Tropical Sony 2006
Nestor Zavarce (Venezuela) Faltan Cinco pa' las Doce El Gallo Pelón
Jungle Fire (USA(CA)) Firewalker Tropicoso Nacional 2014
Vivano Torres (US?) Mini Kusuto (Rafael Aragon Remix) Palenque Records Afrocolumbian Remix Galletas Calientes 2016
Ornette (France/Italy) ft Mike Ladd (USA) Sur Le Sable Crazy 2012
Midival Punditz (India) Baanwarey Light Six Degrees Records 2015
Harmonious Combustion (US(CA)) This is My Song (Song of Peace) This Is My Song
Depiano et leBeguen Band Gouvernement y'a Congo L'Afrique Enchantee (Ce Moi Le Chef!) Sony 2012
Zahara and DJ Sbu (South Africa) Lengoma

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