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Francosonic presents:

Bonjour, RVA! Bienvenue à Francosonic... Every Sunday from 7 - 9 a.m. you can hear music with French lyrics - all genres, from all around the world - here on Francosonic. Today we'll check out some classic French tunes - jazz, cabaret, samba, and more - whose echoes have been heard throughout other eras. This

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Nighttime Maneuvers presents:


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Hip-Hop for the Rest of Us presents:

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Urban Enthusiasm presents:

Don't to the fund drive tonight! We are talking about Luke Cage, Avery's trip to Cali, interview with Jack TP and much much more. Listen to the playlist on Tidal

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River City Limits presents:

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End Of The Century presents:

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Cause and Effect presents:


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agreen’s playlist:

Time Is Tight presents:

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The British Breakfast presents:

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InterTribal presents:

Congratulations, You Win! With the 2018 Fall Fund Drive well underway and only a few more days to go, I am trying to reach $500's during this show. The fund drive helps to ensure you remain the winner each day with WRIR to tune in to. Local and National News, Music, and Fun is what

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