River City Limits

RCL: Herschel chats with Russell Lacy and Keith Yetter (7/16/16)


Herschel Stratego here, hijacking Fontaine’s account to blog about what must be heard: Keith Yetter…a powerful performer whom i heard only ONCE. We were hanging out at Bamboo and last call got us out of there…then we went to his place nearby…we played our songs, him first, then me. I WAS BLOWN AWAY. He might have been (fingers crossed). He’s playing at City Dogs tonight! (Or is it Sitty Dawgz? “Hip name,” nonetheless…)
BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!! The magician behind the studio works of The Virginia Moonwalker, and guitarist in several bands, AND singer-songwriter…and most importantly GREAT FRIEND AND REALLY NEAT PERSON…Russell Lacy will be chatting with me, and he, too, will play live for your listening pleasure.




Hot Lava -Brainex
Benjamin Shepherd -Silver Dog
The Veins -Southern Corridor
The Folly -Hold You Down
Keith Yetter -Let It Ride
Keith Yetter -Angel Hand
David Shultz and the Skyline -Natural
David Shultz and the Skyline -Can’t Can’t
Keith Yetter -Close to Me
Keith Yetter -Out in These Streets
Orioles -It Would Be Alright
Toward Space -Scream Queen
Keith Yetter -Mariel
Keith Yetter -Molly
Keith Yetter -Still Whiskey
Camp Howard -Anyone
Milkstains -California OKeefe
Russell Lacy -UNTITLED
Russell Lacy -UNTITLED
Prabir and the Substitutes -When Was the Last Time
Russell Lacy -UNTITLED
Russell Lacy -You Are My Sunshine
Pete Curry -Don’t Ask Me