River City Limits

River City Limits: Fontaine + Brandon Whittaker and Rivanna Youngpool (11/26/16)


Fontaine here today 6-8pmEST, along with drummer Brandon Whittaker (Occultist, Unmaker) and promoter Rivanna Youngpool. We’re all gonna pick RVA bands to play and talk about the local music scene. Should be fun!


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Ululating Mummies – Monkey Butt
Suppression – Release the Piranha (Into the Gene Pool)
Hallelujah – H! Bomb
Among the Rocks & Roots – War Song (previously live on WRIR)

Positive No – Reinvent the Space
Dazeases – Black Crystal
Christi – Get You Off My Mind
The You Go Girls – Yoloaded

Mistaker – Dying Young
Shadow Age – Innocence
Publicist UK – Levitate the Pentagon
Sundials – Completely Broken

Bowl Ethereal – The Witchery
Hoboknife – Lusting for Vengeance
La Mere Vipere – Suicide by Cop
Petrichor – Useless

Big Baby – Crush
Unmaker – Cryosleeper
Occultist – Path of the Damned

Doll Baby – The Great Divide
Sliang Laos – Legion
Bad Magic – Punk Is Not Dead (But I Heard You Were)
Avail – Scuffle Town
Iron Reagan – Eyeball Gore

Asphalt Graves – Vulgar Theology
Parasytic – Traitor
Deathcrown – God is a Lie
Kilara – Wishing  [request]

Ghost Piss – PSA – Clean and Healthy Gums
Magnus Lush – Dark Star

Secret Season – In the Beginning Right Now