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verbatim words from a 2002 Doc. on One interview with Anne and Catherine Gregory (granddaughters)

Recorded Live:
Christopher Barry- Alfionn, Dublin Ireland, mixed and mastered in Los Angeles, California

about LADY GREGORY aged 80yrs :

Isabella Augusta, Lady Gregory (née Persse; 15 March 1852 – 22 May 1932 was an Irish dramatist, folklorist and theatre manager. With William Butler Yeats and Edward Martyn, she co-founded the Irish Literary Theatre and the Abbey Theatre, and wrote numerous short works for both companies. Lady Gregory produced a number of books of retellings of stories taken from Irish mythology. Born into a class that identified closely with British rule, she turned against it. Her conversion to cultural nationalism, as evidenced by her writings, was emblematic of many of the political struggles to occur in Ireland during her lifetime.

Lady Gregory is mainly remembered for her work behind the Irish Literary Revival. Her home at Coole Park in County Galway served as an important meeting place for leading Revival figures, and her early work as a member of the board of the Abbey was at least as important as her creative writings for that theatre’s development. Lady Gregory’s motto was taken from Aristotle: “To think like a wise man, but to express oneself like the common people.”

LADY GREGORY in galway at home of breast cancer

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    Time: January 7 - 9:30:33 pm
  • Eric Duncan, “strandbar”

    from strandbar

  • Time: January 7 - 9:33:33 pm
  • Adam Green, “Buddy Bradley”

    from Buddy Bradley

    Rough Trade

  • Time: January 7 - 9:35:33 pm
  • Le Couleur, “Femme”

    from Voyage love - EP

    Lisbon Lux Records

  • Time: January 7 - 9:39:29 pm
  • New York Dolls, “Looking for a Kiss (Recorded at Blue Rock Studio, NYC, June 1972)”

    from Private World - The Complete Early Studio Demos 1972-1973

    Castle Music

  • Time: January 7 - 9:43:14 pm
  • Charles Bukowski, “ok with death”

    from strongest of the strange

  • Time: January 7 - 9:46:14 pm
  • Death, “Keep On Knocking”

    from ...For the Whole World to See

    Drag City Inc. - 2009

  • Time: January 7 - 9:49:14 pm
  • Jay Reatard, “Hammer I Miss You”

    from Singles 06-07

    In the Red - 2008

  • Time: January 7 - 9:51:55 pm
  • Grandaddy, “Now Its On”

    from Now Its On

  • Time: January 7 - 9:54:55 pm
  • Jeffery Lewis and Los Bolts, “thunderstorm”

    from Manhattan

  • Time: January 7 - 9:57:55 pm
  • Andy Stott, “Faith in Strangers”

    from Faith In Strangers

    Modern Love - 2014

  • Time: January 7 - 10:04:24 pm
  • Soko, “Sweet Sound of Ignorance”

    from Sweet Sound of Ignorance - Single

    Babycat - 2017

  • Time: January 7 - 10:07:24 pm
  • The Z's, “trans pecos”

    from trans pecos

  • Time: January 7 - 10:10:24 pm
  • Tom Waits, “Cold Cold Ground”

    from Big Time


  • Time: January 7 - 10:13:24 pm
  • Cal Folger Day, “The woods and Gramdma”

    from The woods and Gramdma

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