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What Wakes Me Up aims to provide a compelling hour of news, commentary, conversation and music.
Noon eastern time on Fourth Wednesdays, worldwide on WRIR.ORG and 97.3 FM around Richmond Virginia.
It’s a Sunny Gardener Production for Richmond Independent Radio and any other community media service.

What Woke Me Up this time is the continuing threat and actuality of censorship to uphold the racist tendencies of our culture and government, at all levels. This first episode features Black History, particularly Black Women as healers. Our interview is with Jamarah Amani, founder of the Southern Birth Justice Network and the National Black Midwives Alliance.

A synopsis of Ana Edwards’ work as a prominent Virginia historian and educator provides background for Jamarah’s work.

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    What Wakes Me Up/Moccasin Tracks    May 1st, 2024

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