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In UNFROSTED Bailey Sheetz is discovered by Jerry Seinfeld’s character in a dumpster eating what would become a Pop-Tart. This young actor has a funny part in the new Netflix hit that was written, directed and stars Jerry Seinfeld. Our lively interview covers much more than any of the local print stories, including:
– His relationship to the gas station/restaurant with the same last name
– His love of antiques, esp. vacuum cleaners
– Being called “an old soul” on Big Little Shots with Melissa McCarthy
– His first role as the voice of a squirrel for Apple
– Working with Seinfeld, McCarthy and Jim Gaffigan
– Flying on top of a truck
– Almost getting strangled by a candy necklace

My review of UNFROSTED
Podcast on Pine Grove School
The vacuum cleaner episode was on How to with John Wilson, Season 3, Ep 4 of  (my 5-star  review)

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    SIFTER for the Ear    June 7th, 2024

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