I have been into music since I was a little kid. I started singing around 7yrs old and then writing music when I was 12 yrs old. I love music, movies, poetry, art, and theater. I remember when I started out working at Camelot Music as a regular employee and within first year moved to management. My goal was to increase all smaller music sections in the store, heavy metal started out as one 4ft section and by the time I was done working there after 7 1/2 years, it was five and half 4ft sections. I also built up industrial/goth and punk sections. I even built up new age and jazz. I pretty much new about all the different types of music, because I utterly love music. In school I also was in drama/theater classes. All the plays I was in were always a success and even revamped the breakfast club movie into a play instead of just picking a play to do. Ambitious I always have been about the arts. These are all the bands I have been in, Yanvidian(rock), From Within (metal), Synthetic Nightmare(industrial rock), Myotis(synth-pop/goth), Imperial~Order(thrash metal), and current twork bands Proceed The EYE(industrial/goth/dark electronic), as well as my solo project Gothic Lizard(goth rock/tribal/death rock). I have always been about exposing people to music and bands people may of not heard. I look forward to opening your ears to new killer music as we open this "METAL BOX" together.