Just Three Letters for Christmas


Devo – Freedom of Choice (theme)
Pee-Wee Herman – Pee-Wee’s Christmas Theme with Guest
The Grasshoppers – Santa Claus Rudolph & Us
Unknown – Christmas Comes to Those Who Wait
Mel Blanc – I Tan’t Wait til Quithmuth Day
The Rhodes Kids – Santa Loves Rock n Roll Music
Walter Brennan – Just Three Letters for Christmas
The Ping Pongs – Don’t Wanna Wait Till Christmas
Bob Dylan – Must Be Santa
Mike Douglas – Do You Hear What I Hear
Cabbage Patch Kids – One More Dream ’til Christmas
The Six Million Dollar Man – The Kris Kringle Caper
Line Material – Let’s Trim the Christmas Tree
MSR 1978 Christmas Album – Welcome the Lord
Kay Martin & Her Bodyguards – Santa’s Going to Be Late Tonight
Rita Faye Wilson – Sleigh Bells Reindeer & Snow
SNL – The 12 Steps of Christmas
Yogi Yorgesson – I Was Santa Claus at the School House (for the PTA)
Kids of Children’s Psychiatric Hospital – Christmas Medley
Norman Vincent Peale – Santa Rides the Bus
Eric Cartman – Oh Holy Night
Tiny Tim – Santa Claus has Got the AIDS
Howdy Doody’s Christmas Party – Side 1
Leroy Carr – Ain’t that a Pain
Hasil Adkins – Blue Christmas
The King Family – What Child is this?
Christmas Carols with a Latin Lilt (Bruce Woodman) – Introduction 1
Shirley & Squirrely – The Christmas Haunted House
James Brown – Let’s Make Christmas Mean Something this Year
Uncle Charlie – Johnny’s Stocking