Dog Germs / PND (punk’s not dead)

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noizhed and DJ tablescraps


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Dog Germs is a weekly dose of classic and new industrial, goth, new wave, and electronica with hints of alternative, metal, hip hop, and whatever else I feel like playing hosted by me, Tommy Atrien (dj kyno). The show’s first hour is usually industrial/goth and related genres with the second hour being more chaotic and diverse as far as genres are concerned (by the end of the second hour you would swear that you were listening to a different show). Some of the genres heard in the second hour include alternative, metal, hip hop, country, and world music. I feel this keeps the show interesting and also allows me to play other styles of music I really enjoy.

I have been involved with the industrial/goth scene since ’94 and involved with the scene here in Richmond since ’96. I am also the guitarist/keyboardist/percussionist/back up vocalist for Richmond industrial rock band Machine Chop Inc. I got into dj-ing because I love music, all kinds but especially industrial/electronic, and wanted to do a show that represented that. “Dig It” by Skinny Puppy was the first industrial song I ever heard and have been hooked on that band ever since, therefore, almost every “Dog Germs” show kicks off with that song. Also, the show title is obviously derived from my appreciation of Skinny Puppy.

PND (punk’s not dead)

Punk¹ from Yesterday², Today³, and Tomorrow*

(1) What is punk, really? Obviously, Black Flag, Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys are punk. Are Minutemen punk? They are to me. To each his/her/current appropriate non-gender possessive pronoun own. It’s a personal choice. Don’t @ me over what I think is punk, and I won’t @ you. (but please do @pndwrir if you wanna hear something)

(2) ok, not literally Yesterday. In fact, if it did drop yesterday it falls under Today (see 3) Yesterday= older punk music. I’m not going to define when exactly my Yesterday turns into my Today. (see general idea of personal choice in (1))

(3) Today = contemporary punk music

* get real. I don’t have a time machine.


  • Tuesday - 11:00 pm - 1:00 am