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Gumboot (pictured above), a dance style originally developed by gold miners, is one of the true symbols of the black working class experience in South Africa.  Gumboot dancers stamp, slap, clap and kick their heels in perfect synchronization while wearing wellingtons.

Jazz musician Darius Brubeck described a gumboot dancer as “looking and sounding like Fred Astaire only with 10 pairs of shoes on!”  If you’ve seen African-American stepping, that’s a dance derived from gumboot.

The Festival of South African Dance is bringing gumboot and pantsula (another South African vernacular dance style) to Richmond’s Carpenter Theatre on Thursday.  On this week’s program, you’ll hear a gumboot performance recorded by Janet Topp Fargion, lead curator for world and traditional music at the British Library (my summary for this week’s show is adapted from her liner notes).  You’ll also hear maskanda, the music that usually accompanies gumboot.

Also this week: the music of Mdou Moctar, who’s performing at the University of Richmond on Friday; Central African dance hits from the 70s and 80s; and Balkan folk-rock with the emphasis on “rock.”


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96 October 4th, 2017

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