The Motherland Influence presents:


We’ll be listening around Africa for the first hour…

    The Motherland Influence    April 18th, 2021

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Mellow Madness presents:


    Mellow Madness    April 18th, 2021

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Bebop and Beyond with Mr. Jazz presents:

Good morning to all, and welcome to a new edition of BeBop and Beyond with a dynamite lineup of great new releases. Enjoy !

BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK INCLUDE:  Willie Pickens,  Lionel Hampton, Tito Puente, Slide Hampton, Charles Mingus, Paul
                                                              Chambers, Don Menza, Jimmy Noone, Joe Henderson, Johnny Griffin, Hal Galper,
                                                             James Rivers, Mundell Lowe and Alan Broadbent.
HOUR  #  1
Horace Silver/We’ve Got Silver @ Six/Hard Bop Grandpop/Impulse/1996
Gary Bartz/Spirit Ideation/Jazz Is Dead 6/JID/2020
Lisa Hilton/More Than Another Day/More Than Another day/Ruby Slippers/2020
Greg Abate/Sunshower/Magic Dance/Whaling City Sound/2021
Steven Feifke/Nica’s Dream/Kinetic/Outside In Music/2021
Behn Gillece/Rattles/Still Doing Our Thing/PosiTone/2021
Anais Reno/Caravan/Lovesome Thing/Habinger Records/2021
John Hasselback III/Blood Orange/Entrance/Hasselcastle/2021
Rosalyn McClore/Poetry Man/The Pretty Painted Ladies/RMM/2021
Charles Lloyd & the Marvels/Ramblin’/Tone Poem/Blue Note/2021
Michael Dease/Dave’s Boogie- Down/Give It All You Got/PosiTone/2021
HOUR  #  2
Wolfgang Lackerschmidt/The Little Rose/Lockdown Releases/HipJazz/2020
Dan Willis/Epistrophy/The Monk Project/Belle Avenue/2020
Alyssa Allgood/Should’ve Been/What Tomorrow Brings/Cellar 20/2021
Ahmed El-Salamouny/Salvador/Rio Rhythm/Galileo/2020
JBBG Big Band/The Code/Times of Change/Natango Music/2020
Rahsaan Barber/Quarantine Queens/Mosaic/Jazz City Music/2021
Greg Skaff/Caminado/Polaris/SMK Jazz/2021
Code Quartet/Genealogy/Genealogy/Factor/2021
Lauren White/Just The Two of Us/Ever Since The World Ended/Cafe Pacific/2021
Vinnie Riccitelli/Mr. Lucky/For The Record/VRM/2020
Yelena Eckemoff/Children Playing With Seed Pods/Adventures of the Wildflower/YEM/2021
                                            SO MUCH MUSIC……………..SO LITTLE TIME

    Bebop and Beyond with Mr. Jazz    April 18th, 2021

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House Music Sessions presents:

    House Music Sessions    April 18th, 2021

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The Sunday Morning Jazz Show presents:

Top of the morning to all, and welcome to another great session.  Lotsa new music to share with you today. Enjoy !

HOUR  #  1
Elena Gilliam-Michael LeVan/All In Love Is Fair/Then Another Turns/Shade of Blue/2019
Jana Herzen/Nothing But Love/Live/Motema/2021
Charles Langford/Better Days Ahead/Powerless/Blue Canoe/2021
Florian Ross WDR Big Band/Click Bait/Front & Center/WDR/2021
Tunetown/Billyish/Entering Utopia/Three Pines Records/2020
Kari Ikonen/Oppressive /Impressions, Improvisations & Compositions/Ozella/2020
Christopher Linman/Come Fly With Me/CLM/2019
Lucker Schickentanz/Open Call/Suspicion About the Hidden/Float Music 2021
Steve Slagle/Agama/Nascentia/Panorama/2021
Tony Monaco/Strollin’/Strollin’/Reid Hoyson Productions/2021
Joanie Pallatto/Lucky To Belong To You/My Original Plan/Southport/2021
HOUR  #  2
George Gilliam Trio/Juicy Lucy/Many Roads Home/Gilliam Music/2017
Lorne Lofsky/Seven Steps/This Song is New/Modica Music/2021
Jack Brandfield/Vignette/I’ll Never Be the Same/Gut String Records/2020
Jane Monheit/Lush Life/Come What May/Club 44 Records/2021
Shapiro 17/House Money/Human Qualities/Summit/2021
Roni Ben-Hur/But I Had To Say Goodbye/Stories/Dot Time/2021
Jawanza Kobie/Contagious/Jazz Composer/Jkobie Music/2021
Rebecca Dumaine/Both Sides Now/Someday, Someday/Summit/2021
Amit Friedman/Junk/Unconditional Love/Origin/2021
Ben Patterson/Suits Me Fine/Pus The Limits/Origin/2021.
Ian Charleton Big Band/West 67th Street/A Fresh Perspective/ICM/2020
                                                       SO MUCH MUSIC……SO LITTLE TIME

    The Sunday Morning Jazz Show    April 18th, 2021

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The Morning Rush With Jagar presents:

@wrir973 1 hour tribute to DMX this Sunday 4/18/2021 7am-9am on WRIR 97.3 FM #wrir973fmrichmond #djjagar #winksays #justisbratt #coolvibestv

    The Morning Rush With Jagar    April 18th, 2021

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Hip-Hop for the Rest of Us presents:

    Hip-Hop for the Rest of Us    April 18th, 2021

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Frequency presents:


Happy Fun-drive peoples of RVA! .. Two hours of vinyl beats mixed proper on technic 1200’s from JOANNA O. (ME!). Expect to hear tracks from artists like DJ Duke, Inland knights, The Sound Republic, Sonny Fodera & more.

Keep it locked..and donate to this amazing station that has been a home to our music for 17 years on Saturday nights! THANK YOU LISTENERS!

    Frequency    April 17th, 2021

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River City Limits presents:

Imagine a hypothetical. No not that one! I haven’t told you what it is yet. Okay, let me be more specific. Don’t just imagine ANY hypothetical. Imagine this one:


You’re listening to a song on the radio by a rapper you know and love, but as it nears the end you realize you will soon be listening to another rapper, possibly one you like less. But wait NO instead it’s ANOTHER song by the SAME person! Because you’re listening to THIS show by Noah Page, where we play multiple tracks by everbody!


This is the show where we play MORE THAN ONE song back to back (maybe even THREE) by your favorite rappers from this city. So happy Saturdang on that you all

NoahPage’s playlist:

    River City Limits    April 17th, 2021

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The Midnight Escape presents:

    The Midnight Escape    April 17th, 2021

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