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This week, it’s the first live session of 2018 on Global A Go-Go.  I’ll be joined in Studio C by Orkes Keroncong Rumput from right here in Richmond, the only active Indonesian keroncong group in North America.

Rumput’s Hannah Standiford is on a Fulbright scholarship in Indonesia this academic year; she’s back in the states briefly and rejoins her band for this session.  And Rumput is fortified by guest artist Danis Sugiyanto, here in Virginia on his own Fulbright, teaching at University of Richmond and William & Mary and playing with Rumput and Gamelan Raga Kusuma.

Both those bands will perform at Sound of Music Studios on Friday night.  But before then, you can catch Rumput live here on Global A Go-Go this week.


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96 February 7th, 2018

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