The Sunday Morning Jazz Show presents:

Back in the Big Chair after the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Here we go !

HOUR # 1

Roberta Picket/Humpty Dumpty/West Coast Trio/13th Note Records/2018
Van Morrison and Joey DeFrancesco/Travellin’ Light/You’re Driving Me Crazy/Exile/2018
Todd Marcus/Fear Of The Known/On These Streets/Stricker Street/2018
Joanne Tatham/Catch Me If You Can/The Rings of Saturn/Mark Winkler Music/2018
Peter Erskine/If So Then/On Call/Fuzzy Music/2017
Tom Brunner/’Round Midnight/Homage to a Hero/Gresco Music2017
Yelena Eckemoff/Garden Of Eden/Desert/YEM/2018
E.J. Decker/Autumn In New York/Bluer Than Velvet/Candela Records/2018
Bryant-Fabian-Marsalis/Weather Forecast/do for you ?/CAP/2017
The Clunk Orchestra/The Thang/The Sound It Makes/TKO/2017
Roman Filiu/Danza # %/Quarteria/Sunnyside/2018
Mike Clark-Delbert Bump/Honky Tonk/Retro Report/Ropeadope/2018

HOUR # 2

Roxy Cross/Nevertheless, She Persisted/The Future Is Female/Posi-Tone/2018
Edward Simon/Uninvited Thoughts/Sorrows and Triumphs/Sunnyside/2018
Terence Blanchard/Soldiers/Live/Blue Note/2018
Cathy Segal-Garcia/High Trapeze/The Jazz Chamber/Dash Hoffman Records/2018
Orquestra Akokan/Otra Nivel/Orkeatra Akokan/Daptone Records/2018
Shirley Crabbe /The Bridge/Bridges/MaiSong Music/2018
OKB Trio/El Padrino/The Ing/Queens Jazz/2018
Andrew Rathbun Large Ensemble/V/Atwood Suites/Origin/2018
Steve Kroon/In Your Dreams/In Your Dreams/Kroonatune Records/2018
Brubeck Brothers Quartet/The Golden Horn/TimeLine/Blue Foresdt Records/2018


138 May 13th, 2018

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