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Kisses with Foreign Fishes 12-12-16 Hitlists


First we poison Putin, then we take out El Sissi with a well placed anvil, as for Kim Jong Un . . .Oh wait sorry wrong kind of hitlist. Nah, for real I’ve been spending some quality time with the hitlists of some select countries this week so expect the greatest of the latest from Nigeria, Serbia, Punjab India, and Brazil. As always I also have some fabulous tracks in arabic, some old school hiphop in a variety of languages, a bit of Chicha, of Salsa, and quite alot of Forro. OK, the KGB are here to take me away for that first joke (are they still called the KGB?).

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Marčelo & Kal(Serbia, Serbia) Krasnokalipsa Treća strana medalje Multimedia Records 2008
Milica Pavlovic (Serbia) Ljubi, Ljubi Single Grand Productions 2016
Rada Manodjlovic (Serbia) Gratis Single Grand Productions 2016
Socalled (Canada) (These are the) Good Old Days Ghettoblaster Label Bleu 2006
Fanfare Ciocarlia (Romania) Molienda 20 Asphalt Tango 2016
Red Baraat (USA/India) Burning Instinct Shruggy Ji Sinj Records 2013
Ranjit Bawa, Desi Routz (India, India) Sher Marna Single T Series 2016
Gurjazz (India) Yaaran Piche Laanedar Speed Records 2016
Yemi Alade (Nigeria) Johnny King of Queens EFFYZZIE Music Group 2014
Timaya ft. Don Jazzy (Nigeria) I Concur Single D.M. Records 2016
D’banj (Nigeria) Emergency Single Dbanj Records 2016
Iyanya (Nigeria) Kukere Desire Made Men Music Group 2013
B Red ft Akon (Nigeria, USA) Cucumber All the Way Up H.K.N. Music 2016
Mashrou’ Leila(Lebennon) Comrades Ibn el Leil Mashrou’ Leila 2015 Ashabi - Comrades All of them are dancing with glass on the floor All of them are laughing in black and white My smile rises, black and white We just met each other After a minute in the loo we became best friends Fake to me the attention, tell me I am loveable Son of the night, Son of the night (x2) All week we're dying from 9 to 5 Make me forget myself, let me be like Beirut How beautiful tonight is, everything we wish for is here And I hurt myself to justify my existence! Son of the night, Son of the night (x4) Remember how music used to affect us? We became afraid of the darkness that we used to play in We lived our life now nothing is left to amaze us Loud is the music, no one will ever hear us I smoked yesterday, feeling a bit tired Its like I'm always drowning and yet still thirsty A tread on the left and on the right two treads No, I am not crying it teared from the smoke I pour the drink for two and have it on my own Who do you think of those people will come visit my grave? I see you have a lighter, lit this cigarette for me See there are people around me, how can I possibly be lonely!
Yemen Blues Ft Oxmo Puccino(Israel/Yemen, Mali) Satisfaction Insaniya – Humanity Inzima Publishing 2015 See the beauty in the differences between us and the power of our similarity When i look at you i see the grace in you Seize the moment of the soul to reach satisfaction Seize the moment of faith to become stronger In every good you do the world changes with it
A-Wa ft P.A.F.F. (Yemen) Habib Galbi (P.A.F.F. Remix) Habib Galbi S-Curve Records 2015
Outlandish (Denmark/Morrocco, Denmark/Pakistan, Denmark/Honduras/Cuba) Walou Outland’s Official RCA/BMG Denmark 2000
Los Aldeanos ft Gabylonia(Cuba) A Pesar de Todo 2004
Hocus Pocus (France) Comment on faisait avant? 73 Touches On and On Records 2005 I often ask ... But how ... How did we do before? Before all these little details that make our daily life All these things which today seem so natural to us But how was it done before? Before computers, laptops, AIDS ... I ask you ... But how was it done before, without a remote control? It seems we were moving to zap, that's amazing! Now: 250 channels and the parabola Before: 250 pages and not even ras-le-bol Literature, and say that one day it was fun But I would not zola everything against my Playstation (Hey Hey!) My nostalgia has limits Technology and even erase an indelible past (Right!) But how was it done before in the days of Eve and Adam Without concrete and nauseating air Without the exhaust gases that cause mercury to rise Hard to support clean air But how was it done before? But how was it done without? (I do not know) But how was it done? How was it done? How was it done? How was it done? How did we do before? (I do not know) But how did we do before (How? How?) Without the net and my phone to liquidate my balance and kiffer insomnia? Sealed fates illico-presto, a click, a texto, ciao! But how did we do before, without surgery? It seems that when you had a dirty mouth, it was for life But how did we do, before science progressed? Rumors say that at the time, people would die of old age? Nan ... Now the viruses have infested everything Before, it seems that we loved without fear of STDs That one would kiffait without Despe 'and that one laughed without shit Only now we go down quickly But how was it done before? But how was it done without? (I do not know) But how was it done? How was it done? How was it done? How was it done? How did we do before? (I do not know) Now the guys look at the inner beauty That's it, a bunch of false asses that hiss on the false breasts Must not reveal face, the natural is far And if you do not have the fashionable style, you're nothing But how was it done before the clips to have the style? Before the style to carry the sapes of 80 in the year 2000? Before the year 2000, to laugh at the future of yesteryear Silver combinations and flying vehicles Yesterday, we said: Tomorrow will be a better day Tomorrow, we will say: Yesterday, we made a small mistake How did you do before? That is true And by the way, how will we do afterwards?
Quantic and Frente Cumbiero (US, Columbia) Gaita Tropica Ondatropica Soundway 2012
Orquesta el Macebeo Macabionico Salsa Macabra Discos de Hoy 2009
Roberto Lopez Afro-Columbian Orquestra (Columbia/Canada) Bocas de Ceniza Curura Musique Curara Musique 2012
Forro in the Dark (USA, NY) Forro de Dos Amigos Light a Candle Nat Geo Music 2009
Wesley Safadão ft. Ronaldinho Gaúcho (Brazil, Brazil) Solteiro de Novo EM Casa (Ao Vivo) Som Livre 2016
Calcinha Preta(Brazil) A Dona do Barraco 2015
Paula Fernandez (Brazil) Piração Amanhecer Universal Music LLC 2015
Michel Telo (Brazil) Bará Berê Na Barada Som Livre 2011
Gustavo Lima (Brazil) Balada Boa Gusttavo Lima e você Som Livre 2011

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