River City Limits

River City Limits: Fontaine + Jack & Robby of Humungus, Craptain Jack (01/21/17)


Fontaine here today 6-8pmEST, along with Jack & Robby from Humungus, Craptain Jack & the Shmees, The You Go Girls. We’re all gonna pick RVA bands to play and talk about the local music scene. Should be fun!

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Ululating Mummies – We Cannot Hurt

Burma Jam – New Ground Dub

BAT – Beware of the Bat
Battlemaster – By Beard and Throne

Volture – Nightrance
Murdersome – Democide
Iron Reagan – Your Kids An Asshole
The You Go Girls – Yoloaded

Sports Bar – Free Drugs  [new]
Och – Never Again

Avail – Nickel Bridge
Hoboknife – Lusting for Vengeance
Hot Dolphin – Go Team USA
League of Space Pirates – Search and Destroy

Deathbirds Surf Club – The Swell
Craptain Jack & the Shmees – Rippin a Fot
Humungus – Giants vs the World
Volture – Ride the Nite

Double Helix – Skeletor
Tengwar – The Watcher

Pete Curry – Nobody’s Home

Death Piggy – No Prob Dude
GWAR – Gor-Gor
DBX – He’s Going Crazy
Vorator – Streets of Dusseldorf

Craptain Jack & the Shmees – Blackfin the Shark
Loincloth – Trepanning