Unicorn Power

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Melissa Vaughn


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🦄💥UNICORN POWER🦄💥 Fridays 3-5am, hosted by One Hit Wanda

Join One Hit Wanda at the witching hour for Unicorn Power, a weekly musical quest for glory, honor, friendship and cake. Heavy on the fantasy metal, but oh so much more! Folklore, sea shanties, orc slaying, weird microgenres, the occult, SCIENCE!, murderous clowns, spooky tales, rhyming in prime, rifts in space-time… Whatever your dorky little heart desires. Would you like to wish a special (or not so special) someone the birthday they deserve or dedicate a song? Send your requests to @onehitwandawrir on Twitter and Instagram, email Wanda or leave a comment on the show page or blog post.

Gather up your party, put on a pot of coffee and load up your bag of holding with the good schnacks. It’s time to join the Unicorn Power campaign, ultra late-nite/super early Fridays at 3am. And if you can’t hang at that hour, catch UP at your leisure in the archives here for 2 weeks, then after on Youtube forever and ever.


  • Friday - 3:00 am - 5:00 am

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