News/Talk Highlights for Friday, October 29 presents:

News/Talk Highlights for Friday, October 29


The Rainbow Minute
(Locally produced for WRIR)
Madonna Takes a Stand
Studio 360
American Icon: The House of Mirth
— and much more!
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Hidden Histories
(Locally produced for WRIR)
 Jean Donovan, martyr
The State We’re In
 Freeing the Press
Wordy Birds with Liz Humes
(Locally produced for WRIR)
Zero Hour with Tim Bowring
(Locally produced for WRIR)
Sound Opinions
The season’s creepiest music
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Talk of the Nation, Science Friday
Amber, Chupacabra, Eels, Lungs
— and more!
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The Progressive Radio Show
Jordan Flaherty
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Stay Tuned at 5:00 for Globabl-A-Go-Go and the kickoff of our Fall FunDrive!

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The Rainbow Minute (8:59, 12:29, 4:29)
Today:  "Madonna Takes a Stand" – read by Mike Hinerman
Studio 360 (9:00)
   – Tea Party hip hop
   – Pee Wee Herman returns… this time to Broadway
   – Low budget movies taking Hollywood by storm
   – This week’s installment of the American Icons series:  The House of Mirth
Hidden Histories (9:01)
 Today:  Jean Donovan, American lay missionary who was murdered in El Salvador for practicing Liberation Theology.
The State We’re In (10:00)
Today:  "Freeing the Press"
   – A Darfuri journalist reporting from Holland
   – How China uses lunch to control Journalists
   – A Columbian Journalist defies death threats to report on the drug war
   – A Palestinian father who donated his son's organs to Isreali children
   – Two dads who take in children nobody else wants
Wordy Birds (12:00)
Zero Hour (12:30)

Sound Opinions (1:00)

Today:  Hosts Jim and Greg have once again scoured the dark underbelly of rock and roll to find the creepiest songs for the season. Plus they hear what tunes give the heebie jeebies to listeners from across the country.

Later in the show Jim and Greg give a Buy It, Burn It, Trash It rating to the new album by Scottish pop band Belle and Sebastian.

Talk of the Nation, Science Friday (2:00)
Hour 1
– An answer to the Chupacabra legend?
– Amber gives a glimpse of Ancient India
– Everything you ever wanted to know about eels
Hour 2
– Lungs, taste and asthma
– The Thousand Genomes Project
– Cholera’s causes and treatments
The Progressive Radio Show (4:30)
Today:  Jordan Flaherty, author of "Floodlines: Community and Resistance from Katrina to the Jena Six."

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    October 29th, 2010

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