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Standing Rock continues to hold on to their prayers in the face of brutal attacks by the Police force of Morton County, North Dakota. My prayers continue to go out to Creator for The People. I continue to pray for Sophia Wilansky who was seriously injured by a concussion grenade thrown by the same police force on Sunday night, November 20th, 2016. Please understand there are witnesses that can attest to the fact that the police targeted Sophia when throwing the grenade. There is a Go Fund Me for Sophia.

I also learned of a young lady (Vanessa Sioux Z) who was shot in the face with rubber bullets and has sustained injuries to her eye. Again, eyewitness accounts states the police are aiming for people; they are aiming at the heads and lower extremities.  The Go Fund Me for Vanessa Sioux Z.

Stay tuned in when after 8 am. Ms. Redbull will call in and share what has been happening at Standing Rock.

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Mwalim DaPhunkee Professor (Morgan James Peters) – Awakened by a Noon Day Sun – Liberation Music 2014

Today there is an Action of Prayer: Prayer with Standing Rock this afternoon / evening.

There is an event to show support to Standing Rock: Standing Rock & Beyond #NoDAPL March on Washington DC, December 10th.

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    InterTribal    November 26th, 2016

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