The Sunday Morning Jazz Show presents:

Mr. Jazz in for Sean this morning while he passifies Otter James Lovelace his new Son. Congratulations. Mucho Music for you to start your day off on the right Note !

HOUR # 1

Paul Jones/Centre in the Woods/Clean/Outside Music/2017
Farnell Newton/Back to Earth/Back to Earth/Posi-Tone/2017
Madeleine Peyroux/Meet Charlie Parker/The Passion of Charlie Parker/Impulse/2017
Ron Francis Blake/You And Me Bess/Assimilation/HiSpeedHorns/2017
Josiah Woodson/Air/Suite Elemental/Truth Evolution Recordings/2017
Pauline Jean/Rev Pauline/Nwayo/PJM/2016
Triocity/Invitation/I Believe In You/Origin/2017
Laszlo Gardony/Georgia On My Mind/Serious Play/Sunnyside/2017
Brian Landrus Orchestra/Jeru Concerto Mvt.4/Generations/Blueland Records/2017
Andrew Scott Quartet/The Brightest Minute/The Brightest Minute/Cellar Live/2017
Jim Gailloreto/The Peacocks/The Pythiad/Origin Classical/2017
Jane Ira Bloom/Emily & Her Atoms/Wild Lines/Outline/2017
Kelly Gray/Don’t Explain/Rendering/Grr8 Records/2017

HOUR # 2

George Freeman/Summer Wind/90 Going on Amazing/BluJazz/2017
Ken Wiley/Fresh Grass/Urban Horn Project/Krug Park Music/2017
Diego Barber/Dilar River/One Minute Later/Sunnyside/2017
Dave Kline Band/Castilian Boogie/Shifting Borders/DKM/2017
Unhinged Sextet/The Swinger and the Saint/Don’t Blink/OA2/2017
Romero Lubambo/Dipper Mouth/Sampa/Sunnyside/2017
Hinda Hoffman/Who Will The Next Fool Be/Driftin’ at the Lake/HHM/2017
Francesco Buzzuro-Richard Smith/Spain/One World,Two Guitars/INDY/2017
Patrick Butler/F Sharp Major Stew/Sonic Stew/M.m.o.s. Music/2017
Katie Thiroux/Brotherhood of Man/Off Beat/Capri Records/2017
Ron Reid/Village Vibz/Precious Metals/Urbane Jazz Recordings/2017

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    The Sunday Morning Jazz Show    August 20th, 2017

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