Breakfast Blend w/ Galaxy Girl & Friends presents:

It’s week 2 of Halloweeny music here on the Thursday Blend, and where else but a community-powered radio station like WRIR can you hear a Cumbia-esque version of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”? I dare say NOWHERE!

I hope you enjoy the show! Next week is our fund drive, so please take a few moments to consider how WRIR adds to your daily routine, and help keep us going with your pledge of support. Thank you for listening, and for helping to make this great station happen.


19 October 12th, 2017

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  • Matt says:

    What a way to start the day. You and that set were/are awesome, thank you.

    • GalaxyGirl says:

      Aw, thank you so much! I’m sorry it took me so long to see your comment. I hope you enjoy the rest of the Halloweeny music I have lined up for this month! Thank you for listening!!! -Galaxy Girl

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