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Fontaine here today 3-5pmEDT, playing a bunch of music from the 1980s (mostly). Lotsa vinyl.

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Screaming Blue Messiahs – I Wanna Be a Flintstone
Iggy Pop – Bang Bang
The Fall – Totally Wired

Ebn Ozn – AEIOU Sometimes Y
New Order – Fine Time
George Kranz – Din Daa Daa
M/A/R/R/S – Pump Up the Volume
Liquid Liquid – Cavern
Grandmaster Flash – White Lines (Don’t Do It)

Captain Sensible – Wot!
Bill Nelson – Flesh
Public Enemy – You’re Gonna Get Yours
The KLF – Doctorin’ the Tardis

The Minutemen – Cut
The Monochrome Set – He’s Frank

Frank Zappa – Valley Girl  [request]
Lydia Lunch – 3 X 3
Frightwig – Beverly
The Bangles – Want You
Plasmatics – Fast Food Service

Negativland – Theme From a Big 10-8 Place
Spinal Tap – Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight
New York Dolls – Chatterbox
Stiff Little Fingers – Suspect Device
Siouxsie + Banshees – Head Cut

Simple Minds – Changeling
Einstürzende Neubauten – Hirnlego
Pete Shelley – Telephone Operator

DOA – War  [Edwin Starr cover]

The Birthday Party – Zoo Music Girl

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    End Of The Century    October 6th, 2018

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