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A LIFE-AFFIRMING SOURCE!! On Friday’s celebratory edition of Open Source RVA, heard at noon on WRIR 97.3 FM, host Don Harrison welcomes back Alane Cameron Ford and Phil Ford, the lively hosts of WRIR’s popular Death Club Radio, to talk about everything from the power of obituaries to their forthcoming Death Club Radio LIVE event at the Firehouse Theatre on Jan. 23rd. And our food correspondent Piet E Jones presents another edition of Open Face. This time, he talks with Ellyn Hopper (pictured), the head baker at Stella’s, about gingerbread cake, baklava, and all things flaky. And… is this mic on? Why can’t certain Richmond City Council members hear each other? Melissa Vaughn and Jessee Perry ask this and other pertinent questions in another eye-rolling installment of the RVA Dirt Quick and Dirty Council Roundup. All of that plus our long national nightmare has ended! THE STOLEN NEWS-TALK LAPTOP HAS FINALLY BEEN REPLACED! Listen in as the city celebrates this momentous news Friday at noon on WRIR 97.3 fm Richmond Independent Radio and (Photo: Jay Paul / Richmond Magazine)

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148 January 18th, 2019

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