The Sunday Morning Jazz Show presents:

Taking the opportunity to wish all a Happy Valentine. Give music instead of candy. It keeps giving. Enjoy.

HOUR # 1

James Suggs/Detour Ahead/You’re Gonna Hear From Me/Arbors Records/2018
Dave Young/Fried Bananas/Lotus Blossom/Modica Music/2019
Greg Murphy/Straight No Blues/Bright Idea/Whaling City Sound/2019
Betty Bryant/Ain’t Nobody’s Business/Project 88/Bry-Mar Music/2019
Gill Evans Orchestra/Lunar Eclipse/Hidden Traesures/Bopper Spock/2018
Ernie Watts/Frequie Flyer/Home Light/Flying Dolphin/2018
Charlie Dennard/Father/Deep Blue/Deneaux Music/2019
Pablo Aslan/Tanguajira/Contrabajo/SoundBrush/2018
Alfredo Rodriguez-Pedrito Martinez/El Punto Cubano/Duologue/Mack Avenue/2019
Chet Baker/My Funny Valentine/Deep In A Dream/Blue Note/2002
Jeremy Pelt/Gates of Hell/Jeremy Pelt The Artist/Hugh Note/2019

HOUR # 2

Behn Gillece/Parallel Universe/Parallel Universe/Posi-Tone/2019
Q Morrow/Pupusa Da Jamaica/There Are Stars in BrooklynQMM/2018
Shelea/Love Makes The Changes/Pretty World/Breath Of Life/2018
Julian Lage/The Windup/Love Hurts/Mack Avenue/2019
Airmen of Note/La Leyenda Del Tiempo/Global Reach/USAF/2019
Jack Kilby/Hipsippy Blues/Front Line/JKM/2018
Magela Herrera/Two Sidewalks/Explicaciones/Brontosarus Records/2019
Allison Au/The Rest Is Up To You/Wander Wonder/AAM/2018
June Bisantz-Alex Nakhimovsky/Love’s Tang/ Love’s Tango/EH2U/2019
Lyn Stanley/Blue Moon/London Calling/A.T. Music/2018


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    The Sunday Morning Jazz Show    February 10th, 2019

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