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Un saut en arrière, puis en avant…we’ll be jumping back, then jumping forward tonight. Bonsoir, les audiophiles !

Tonight we’ll remember the beginning of sound recording technologies, with a nod to places that preserve early sounds and the machines that played them. One example is the Phono Museum of Paris, where visitors can check out 161 years of audio and playback devices, from cylinders to vinyl to digital formats.

You’ll hear some of the first sounds listeners heard on gramophones (and many other predecessors of the modern “record player”, like this Gaulois, made by Pathé), in France.

Later we’ll see how far we’ve come in the digital age, making a leap all the way to modern music emanating from Paris and other cities in the Hexagon.

Enjoy the ride!



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    Francosonic    April 14th, 2019

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