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In celebration of the holy week of Easter and the release (finally) of Aretha Franklin’s documentary / live concert film – tonight it’s two hours of rafter shakin’ gospel.

More about the Aretha flick here:

“But even among the pantheon of great concert docs, the long-lost Amazing Grace — which Sydney Pollack filmed over two nights in 1972, as Aretha Franklin recorded the live album of the same name that would become one of her most acclaimed — is an extraordinary film, one that seems like it could stir even the most skeptical soul.

The reason for that seems clear: Amazing Grace is not just a concert movie, but a gospel music concert movie, and one filmed in a church. Not some staid, folded-hands church — a vibrant and animated black church, with a congregation who knows that if you’re sitting in your pew watching other people make music every week, you should probably go elsewhere. Church is no spectator sport.”


The Haberdasher

P.S. Sometime in the first hour I’ll also be giving away a pair of tickets to see The Last Bison at The Camel tomorrow night.

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    The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit / Time Again Radio Show    April 15th, 2019

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