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Fontaine here today 3-5pmEDT, playing music from my 1980s vinyl collection, including The Cult’s “Wild Flower” 12-inch single. I’ve also got records from The Stick Men, Essential Logic, Jesus Lizard, Pylon, Massacre, Liquid Liquid, Cabaret Voltaire, Shriekback, Wire, Love + Rockets, Dead Kennedys, Stranglers. Tune in!

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Gary Numan – Metal
I’ll Be on the Föne  to You – Cost of Living
The Three Johns – Nonsense Spews From My Song Machine
Wire – Blessed State

The Cult – Wild Flower
Agitpop – Funkytown  [Lipps Inc cover]
The Specials – Do the Dog
The Fall – Copped It

Crazy Backwards Alphabet – La Grange  [ZZ Top cover, sung in Russian]
The Cramps – Garbage Man
The Damned – New Rose  [request]

Gang of Four -To Hell With Poverty
Shriekback – My Spine Is the Bassline
Liquid Liquid – Optimo
Massacre – Legs
The Stick Men – Funky Hayride

The Stranglers – Just Like Nothing on Earth
Chrome – Informations
Butthole Surfers – Something

Ministry – Just Like You  [request]
Nine Inch Nails – Kinda I Want To
Cabaret Voltaire – Sensoria

Love and Rockets – It Could Be Sunshine
Tupelo Chain Sex – America Today
Pylon – Stop It
Essential Logic – Quality Crayon Wax OK
Dead Kennedys – Viva Las Vegas  [Elvis Presley cover]
The Jesus Lizard – One Evening

Executive Slacks – 30 Years
Simple Minds – Changeling

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    End Of The Century    June 15th, 2019

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