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Fontaine here today 5-7pmEDT, playing all Richmond music. Three more people with connections to the local music scene have passed away in the last two weeks, including WRIR’s own Jay Westermann. It’s less than 24 hours since I learned of his passing, so that news is still very raw to me. I’m also gonna play music from bands with upcoming gigs. Let’s support each other as we make our way through life in River City. Hugs.

(photo of Jay Westermann)

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Ululating Mummies – Fields of Ice

Sparklehorse – Some Sweet Day  [for Jay Westermann]
Flannel – Greek Leisure Ideal  [for Hunter Duke’s wife Julie]
PopTonto – 7 to the Sky  [RIP Jason Steele]
Carbuncle – Tarzan  [RIP Ratty Jesse Cope aka Ratty]

Burma Jam – Healing Dub  (EBS version)
Alter-Natives – Stinky Hole

Serqet – Oleander  [playing tonight at Wonderland]
Slump – Who Owns the Void  [playing Sunday at Banditos]

Continuation – Runaway  [tonight at Studio Two Three]
City of Caterpillar – Maybe They’ll Gnaw Right Through  [tonight at Studio Two Three]
Oozing Meat – Societal Prolapse  [tonight at Studio Two Three]

The Catalyst – Voyager
Avail – Scuffle Town
Strike Anywhere – Failed State
Iron Reagan – Cycle of Violence
Inquisition – Warning (live)

Bay of Pigs – Barbwire Push
RPG – Insult and Allure
Battlemaster – Cursed Boots of Perpetual Dancing  [Monday at Cary St. Cafe]
Petrichor – Saint Francis Satyr

Butterglove – Sleep Thirsty
Brainflower – Maldoror

Dead Fame – We Can Run
Toward Space – Fangs
Lauren Hoffman – Rock Star
Roy Batty – Yesterday Came Today

GWAR – Phantom Limb  [Brockie memorial dedication 8/30 in Hollywood Cemetery]

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    River City Limits    July 27th, 2019

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