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Hellllllloooooo everyone. Dunkfest!, this really awesome post-rock festival put on in Belgium every year was forced ONLINE in 2021 for obvious reasons, but it was held a couple of weeks ago back in May, and it had an awesome line-up! I want to share all of that with everyone who didn’t get a chance to tune in so I’ve thrown together a playlist with some of my favorite artists who were featured online this year, as well as a few artists who had played the festival in years past. Hope you all enjoy it, tonight we’ve got bands like Signal Under Tests, Endless Dive, Celestial Wolves, and a cool long performance from the band We Stood Like Kings!

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    Time: June 11 - 9:04:05 pm
  • Disrupt / Construct

    Signals Under Tests, “Disrupt III”

    from Disrupt / Construct

    Denovali Records

  • Time: June 11 - 9:09:48 pm
  • Falltime

    Endless Dive, “Above the Trees”

    from Falltime

    Self Release

  • Time: June 11 - 9:16:08 pm
  • Alternate Endings

    Stories from the Lost, “I, Lithopaedion”

    from Alternate Endings

    Self Release

  • Time: June 11 - 9:21:22 pm
  • Reykjavik

    Glass Museum, “Abyss”

    from Reykjavik

    Self Release

  • Time: June 11 - 9:37:03 pm
  • Bathala

    Astodan, “Buaya”

    from Bathala

    Self Release

  • Time: June 11 - 9:42:54 pm
  • Aeolist, Descend! - EP

    Celestial Wolves, “Aeolist, Descend!”

    from Aeolist, Descend! - EP

    Self Release

  • Time: June 11 - 9:53:35 pm
  • Help Me to Recollect - EP

    It Was a Good Dream, “You Left a Letter and a Song”

    from Help Me to Recollect - EP

    Self Release

  • Time: June 11 - 10:00:20 pm
  • I

    Rook, “Unreach”

    from I

    Self Release

  • Time: June 11 - 10:12:48 pm
  • Live at Dunk! Fest

    Russian Circles, “Youngblood”

    from Live at Dunk! Fest

    Self Release - 2017

  • Time: June 11 - 10:22:02 pm
  • Stella Mori

    I Hear Sirens, “Stella Mori”

    from Stella Mori

    Self Release

  • Time: June 11 - 10:27:57 pm
  • Hiraeth

    Shy, Low, “Saudade”

    from Hiraeth

    Spartan Records - 2015

  • Time: June 11 - 10:34:11 pm
  • Muses

    Audiolepsia, “Clarice”

    from Muses

    Self Release

  • Time: June 11 - 10:44:53 pm
  • Berlin 1927

    We Stood Like Kings, “Akt 4”

    from Berlin 1927

    Kapitän Platte - 2014

    The Lunar Orbit    June 12th, 2021

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