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Kick back for a triple threat in today’s Saloon – – new music; music for Black Music Month; and music for LGBTQ Pride Month. Enjoy!

Lost Music Saloon: PLAYLIST: June 14, 2021: 5-7:00 p.m.: New/Pride/Black Music

New Music:
Slow Motion Riders: Found: single
Jesse Brock: Black Rock City: Streamliner
Jimmy Dale Richardson: ’58 Buick: ’58 Buick
Johnny Restas: Another Downtown Song: 3 From Me

Debbie Cushman: I Wish It Would Rain: Springshine
Gary Numan: Intruder (edit): Intruder
Ben Reel: When I Was a Boy (2021 Version): Single
Lara Hope And The Ark-Tones: Running in Circles: Here to Tell the Tale

Black Music Month Set:
Guy Davis: Welcome To My World: Be Ready When I Call You
JJ Grey & Mofro: A Woman (Live): Alligator Records—50 Years Of Genuine Houserockin’ Music
Allison Russel: 4th Day Prayer: Outside Child
GA-20 (Does Hound Dog Taylor): She’s Gone: Try It…You Might Like It!

New Music:
Roger Street Friedman: Mandolin Rain: Come What May
Tim O’Brien: I Breathe In: He Walked On
Peach & Quiet: Empty to Fill: Just Beyond The Shine
Lucy Dacus: Thumbs (edit): Single

Hillstaxx: Long Way Home: Awaiting The Dew
Frank Trousdell: Alanna: The Runner
Anne E DeChant: What Do You Care: What Do You Care single
Ro Myra: Railroad Weed: Nowhere, Nebraska

Pride Month Set:
The Kinks: Lola: The Kink Kronikles
Jill Sobule: I Kissed A Girl: I Never Learned To Swim
Nathan Bell: Really Truly: Blood Like A River
Lou Reed: Walk On The Wild Side: Walk On The Wild Side – The Best Of Lou Reed

New Music:
Aaron Jaxon Band: Legions: Aaron Jaxon Band
Andy & Judy: County Road 5: Let Us Sing
Leah Blevins: First Time Feeling: First Time Feeling
Arden Lanes: Let Me In: A Little Something For Everyone
Beemo: February Morn: Bustin’ Out

Robin Bienemann: Relapse: Animal Communicator

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    Lost Music Saloon    June 14th, 2021

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