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Blind guitarist-singer Daniel Gonora has been making his living performing on the streets of Harare, Zimbabwe since 2004. His four year old son Isaac joined him on drums in 2008. They call themselves Gonora Sounds and they play sungura, the quintessential popular sound of Zimbabwe that’s based on traditional mbira (thumb piano) music adapted for the electric guitar.

Street videos of Daniel and Isaac have racked up more than 10 million views on the internet, and the family band was the subject of an award-winning 2017 documentary film You Can’t Hide From The Truth. They’re released a number of limited edition CDs but now for the first time there’s a full-length, full band Gonora Sounds studio album, Hard Times Never Kill.

It’s a revelation. 1970s and 1980s Zimbabwean artists like Thomas Mapfumo, the Four Brothers and The Bhundu Boys were some of the first African musicians I ever heard, so hearing Gonora Sounds brings me back to some of my favorite, most memorable music of all time. And I’ll bring some of it for you this week on Global A Go-Go.

Also this week (Sunday February 13, 1:00-3:00 PM on WRIR, for two weeks afterwards on the archive player, check your local listings for airing on other radio stations, and any old time at my podcast site): a reissued masterpiece of South African jazz by Abdullah Ibrahim; new music by Small Island Big Song, who will be performing at the University of Richmond in March; high energy Russian folk-rock; and 21st century takes on Mexican tradition.

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    Time: February 13 - 9:00:00 am
  • Matador Of 1st & 1st

    Oliver Lake, “Separation”

    from Matador Of 1st & 1st

    Passin Thru - 1996


  • Time: February 13 - 9:01:00 am
  • Global a Go-Go

    Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros, “Global a Go-Go”

    from Global a Go-Go

    BMG Rights Management (US) LLC - 2001

    England UK

  • Time: February 13 - 9:06:00 am
  • Water From An Ancient Well

    Abdullah Ibrahim, “Manenberg Revisited”

    from Water From An Ancient Well

    Tiptoe - 1986

    South Africa

  • Time: February 13 - 9:12:08 am
  • Tshona! (feat. Basil "Mannenberg" Coetzee)

    Pat Matshikiza & Kippie Moeketsi, “Umgababa (feat. Basil "Mannenberg" Coetzee)”

    from Tshona! (feat. Basil "Mannenberg" Coetzee)

    As-Shams/The Sun - 1975

    South Africa

  • Time: February 13 - 9:27:00 am
  • Oliver Mutukudzi Selected Favorites

    Oliver “Tuku” Mtukudzi, “Rugare Rwamangwana”

    from Oliver Mutukudzi Selected Favorites

    Charly Records - 2006

    Zimbabwe, 1988

  • Time: February 13 - 9:32:35 am
  • Hard Times Never Kill

    Gonora Sounds, “Wapinda Mazviri”

    from Hard Times Never Kill

    The Vital Record - 2021


  • Time: February 13 - 9:37:06 am
  • The Great Zimbabwe Riddim

    The Bhundu Boys, “Hupenyu Hwangu”

    from The Great Zimbabwe Riddim

    Chillspot Recordz - 2016

    Zimbabwe, 1983

  • Time: February 13 - 9:44:00 am
  • Hard Times Never Kill

    Gonora Sounds, “Ndasuruvara Senjiva”

    from Hard Times Never Kill

    The Vital Record - 2021


  • Time: February 13 - 9:50:00 am
  • Soweto

    Robson Banda & the New Black Eagles, “Rambai Makashinga”

    from Soweto

    Nyami Nyami Records - 2021


  • Time: February 13 - 9:56:00 am
  • Take One

    Hallelujah Chicken Run Band, “Mwana Wamai Dada Naye”

    from Take One

    Analog Africa - 2020

    Zimbabwe, 1974

  • Time: February 13 - 10:04:00 am
  • Our Island

    Small Island Big Song, “Aoka (feat. Sammy)”

    from Our Island

    Small Island Big Song - 2022

    Taiwan-Mauritius-Tahiti (French Polynesia)-Madagascar-Papua New Guinea-Rapa Nui (Chile)-Marshall Islands-New Zealand-Borneo (Malaysia-Indonesia-Brunei)-Hawaii (USA)

  • Time: February 13 - 10:10:00 am
  • Tonkori in the Moonlight

    OKI, “Iuta Upopo (Pestle Song) [feat. Umeko Ando]”

    from Tonkori in the Moonlight

    Mais Um Discos - 2022

    Japan, 2003

  • Time: February 13 - 10:16:00 am
  • Re-Covers (feat. Albert Kuvezin)

    Yat-Kha, “In a Gadda Da Vida”

    from Re-Covers (feat. Albert Kuvezin)

    world village - 2006

    Tuva Republic Russia

  • Time: February 13 - 10:24:00 am
  • Burn the Grief - Single

    Lucidvox, “Swarm”

    from Burn the Grief - Single

    Glitterbeat Records - 2022


  • Time: February 13 - 10:29:44 am
  • Do You Love

    Otava Yo, “Guelder-Rose Berries”

    from Do You Love

    ARC - 2019


  • Time: February 13 - 10:34:56 am
  • Basta Mafia!

    Zdob Si Zdub, “Trece Vremea Omului”

    from Basta Mafia!

    Asphalt Tango Records - 2012


  • Time: February 13 - 10:37:00 am
  • Changys Baglaash

    Khoomei Beat, “Kochegar”

    from Changys Baglaash

    ARC - 2021

    Tuva Republic Russia

  • Time: February 13 - 10:45:00 am
  • La Muchacha Alegre - Single

    Renee Goust, “La Muchacha Alegre (feat Nancy Sanchez)”

    from La Muchacha Alegre - Single

    677794 Records DK2 - 2021


  • Time: February 13 - 10:48:00 am
  • Mariachi El Bronx (II)

    Mariachi El Bronx, “48 Roses”

    from Mariachi El Bronx (II)

    ATO Records - 2011


  • Time: February 13 - 10:51:33 am
  • Ahora Es Cuando (feat. Grupo Legítimo) - Single

    Marco Flores Y La Jerez, “Ahora Es Cuando (feat. Grupo Legítimo)”

    from Ahora Es Cuando (feat. Grupo Legítimo) - Single

    Casa Nacional - 2022


  • Time: February 13 - 10:54:10 am
  • Son Rompe Pera, “Proteus”

    from Bootleg Cumbia Vol. 1: The Live On KEXP Session

    self-released - 2021


  • Time: February 13 - 10:57:32 am
  • Batuco

    Son Rompe Pera, “Los Chucos Suaves (featuring Macha)”

    from Batuco

    AYA Records - 2020


    Global A Go-Go    February 13th, 2022

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