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When I was a kid I spent my summers with my grandparents at their lake house. They were really fun summers and I treasure my memories of my the time with Ralph and Rhody. Rhody was a teacher and on July 4th weekend she used to lament the end of the summer. I never understood her dread – the summer was just beginning. I am actually older than my grandmother was some of those summers and now I sort of get it.

Well tonight we’ll celebrate all things summer with a particular focus on the beach. As I entere3d my teens I no longer wanted to spend summers in the mountains. Everyone in HS was headed to the Shore – that’s what we called the beach in Jersey. For college I moved to Virginia. On my first trip to VA Beach I remember being a little disappointed – it wasn’t the Shore. I’ve grown to love VA Beach and have spent a lot of time there including all of summer ’82 when I worked at the now gone but famous Raven on 12th and Atlantic.

So keep it tuned here for lots of cool summer / beachy tracks including a set of “beach music”. That was a new genre to me when I first landed in Charlottesville.

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    The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit / Time Again Radio Show    July 4th, 2022

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